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Last edited on 7 September 2021


^ Broadband

PlusNet provide a very good deal. Their customer service is excellent. One month contract and a free router if you stay for twelve months.

PlusNet broadband.

RogerTech gets a small referral perk if you click on the Plusnet ad above to book your broadband!

I'm not sure that I'd go for the TalkTalk all-in broadband and telephone rental package - though good value for money (see MoneySavingExpert for comment).

Once you've got connected to the internet, safety and security are very important. See below for free software to protect your computer with anti-virus and firewall software (essential for Windows users).

^ Credit Checker

There is a free credit checker whereby you can check your credit rating and, more importantly, discover if your identity has been stolen - if it has it will show a bad rating. Go to

^ Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis, journalist and broadcaster, operates the money-saving website - subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

^ Telephone

Check current prices in this section.

UK calls to 01, 02 & 03 numbers: 4p connection & 2p/min.

To mobiles: 4p connection & 6p/min

Payment: in arrears via continuous payment authority (CPA) with credit/debit card or by Direct Debit (safer with Direct Debit).

Cheap UK and international calls billed to your telephone line provider's bill (usually BT) via 0844, 0845, 087, 09 numbers.

Disadvantages: if there is no reply from your dialled number you pay for the connection charge to the 0844 number and a bit of a hassle dialling two 11 digit numbers. But it covers nearly all countries whereas 18185 cannot be used to as many destinations, and may cost more.

Apple FaceTime

Free worldwide iPhone/iPad/iMac/MacBook video (or audio only) calling to other Apple video-enabled devices. Video calls are in up-to HD with superb sound quality, without video lag, using both WiFi and out and about with 3G or 4G.

Free worldwide computer-to-computer voice and video calls and cheap calls from computer to landlines and mobiles. (You can also rent a national landline number to receive calls on a computer or smartphone.) Its most popular use is video calling between computers or smartphones, in standard, or poorer, screen definition.

^ Software - free

Here is a list of genuinely free, full spec software to enable you to set up and use a computer/laptop with the minimum of essential programs.

If it's for Windows then [W], on an Apple Mac then [A].

Firefox - easiest, fastest and safest web browser [AW]
Advanced System Care - 'all-in-one PC healthcare service' [W]
Avast Antivirus Free - antivirus [W]
Malwarebytes - scans and removes all forms of malware [AW]
Thunderbird - email client with spam filtering [AW]
LibreOffice - full office application including wp, spreadsheet, presentation and database (highly compatible with MS Office files) [AW]
DropBox - save, backup and share files and photos on your computer(s) and phone(s). [AW]

Although not strictly software OpenDNS Family Shield provides a free web-filtering service to prevent access to pornography and malicious websites. It requires a change to the DNS (domain name server) settings in your router or network settings on your computer (full instructions given).

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