Silver Surfer - avoiding cybercrime


Here is some clarification about being secure on the internet in

the wake of frequent data breaches, including Facebook, British

Gas, TalkTalk, M&S, et al.

  1. If your bank sort code and account number have been
    accessed money cannot be taken from your account
    with just that information, unlike credit card details.

  2. You do not need to change passwords for banking
    logins - the banks don’t rely only on a single password
    for login.

  3. If you have used a password for more than one
    account then your other accounts with that password
    are very vulnerable if that password has been accessed
    in a data breach.

  4. If you suspect that your credit card details have been
    accessed then request a replacement card. Consider it
    vital to have online access to your credit card account
    transactions and view them weekly.

  5. Never trust an incoming telephone caller. Banks will
    use the letter post to warn you of significant security
    matters or notify you via your logged-in access to
    your bank.

  6. The HMRC, banks and broadband providers will never
    ask you for information in an email nor give you a link
    to login and 'resolve a problem’.

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