Silver Surfer - email scam check


Checking summary

1 - Sender's address

2 - Subject

3 - Body of email

If you didn't ask for it don't do what is says!


1 - Sender's address

Is the address OK, recognised and trusted?

Click/tap on it … now look at it!

NO, it isn't - don't delete it yet, it might be OK

YES - but don't trust it yet!

2 - Subject

Is it reasonable, plausible and grammatically OK without typos?

NO, it isn't - then DELETE

YES - keep going

3 - Body of email

If you didn't give the sender your address and it's telling you

to do something - DELETE

Did you give the sender your email address?

NO, I didn't - DELETE

YES - may well be OK, but you must check any links

Is it addressing you personally using your name or postcode?

NO, it isn't - likely to be spam or a scam DELETE

YES - maybe OK, but …

Does it have a link to a website(s)?

NO - no problem

YES - but DON'T click/tap on it, unless you asked for it through

an online purchase or ongoing conversation, it could be a scam

even though the link appears to be a trusted website.

… Alternatively type in the trusted website address into your

browser, preferably using Safari or Firefox (they don't track you).

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