Silver Surfer - password guidance


Password guidance used to suggest using a complicated

set of characters and a minimum of eight - all very

difficult to keep a record of, let alone remember!

With more powerful computers shorter passwords can

easily be hacked so there is now a better way.

Passwords need to be long, and can be memorable!

  1. Use three short words at the beginning of every
    new password, which are memorable (having an initial
    capital letter).
    E.g. three: vegetables, children's names, names of
    pets, etc.

  2. Add a memorable digit (number)

  3. Now the 'unique' ending: add three or more characters,
    letters or a number, which are special to that login
    (and that you avoid using for other passwords).

Then, in a notebook, write down the following for each

  1. The website name.
  2. The email address you used.
  3. This new password, but you can abbreviate your three
    short words to their initial letters and just add the number
    (as 2 above) and its unique ending.

It sounds complicated initially, but becomes easier once
you try it!

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