Silver Surfer - privacy


We all value our privacy. Here are some ways of keeping
our data to ourselves and it not being available on the
internet for scammers, hackers and advertising profiling.

  1. Cookies: Don't just 'Accept' cookies, select 'Manage'
    then 'Confirm choice'. This cuts down on the tracking
    of your browsing activity.

  2. FaceBook: There have been many data breaches of users'
    data. Don't post location-based information or photos.
    Don't post personal information, obvious, but birthday
    posts do just that!
    … Many cyber security experts won't allow family use
    of FaceBook. Deleting your account is good for your

  3. WhatsApp: This is owned by Facebook and is slightly
    more secure, but don't allow it access to your
    … The alternative: Signal is available on all devices,
    and is privacy-focussed.

  4. Google search: Google uses all your search activity
    to profile you for targeted advertising.
    … The alternative: can be used in
    any internet browser and is a privacy-focussed search

  5. Internet browsers: Google Chrome is another means
    for Google to track all your internet browsing
    … The alternatives: Firefox and Safari are privacy-
    focussed and do not track you.

  6. Amazon: This website is included for completeness
    … it logs all your app or website activity!

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