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Last updated 7 June 2024

RogerTech Apple support at the Computer Café on 14 & 21 June 9am-noon.

Cyber support

Support for internet users … to become safe and secure from cybercrime

'If it's out of the blue … it's not for you!'

… or, 'If it's out of the blue … don't click through!'

Suspicious phone call? Quiz the caller!
… Ask, "What is my full name?", and, "My postcode?"
… also if your bank(!), "My last transaction?"
… before you decide it could be genuine.

Six cyber-safety suggestions

  1. Email-1: Check the email address of the sender … click/tap on it, is it OK?
  2. Email-2: If you didn't ask for it, don't take immediate action, think about it!
  3. Security: use a different password for every website, easy to remember but long (see Password guidance below).
  4. Social media: don't allow Facebook to access your contacts, nor WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook. Facebook has had many data breaches! The privacy-focussed Signal app can replace WhatsApp.
  5. Privacy: Google profiles its users, so every search and Google email is used to profile you for adverts. Use a privacy-focussed search engine - Apple and others endorse the use of search engine Also: avoid using the Google Chrome browser - Safari or Firefox don't track and profile you.
  6. Telephone: your bank/HMRC/Microsoft/etc will never ring you requesting information or action.


RogerTech documents

Avoiding cybercrime
    keeping your money safe

Privacy on the internet
    keeping your identity safe

Email scam check
    essential email safety guide

Email safe practice
    email safety, guidance and management

Using the email Bcc box
    what to write to those who don't use it!

Password guidance
    help in creating passwords

Useful information
    safe to download files and shortcuts

Silver Surfer - IE1
    course details for Internet Essentials - 1

Silver Surfer - IE2
    course details for Internet Essentials - 2

Cybersecurity presentation
    presentation notes

Useful web links and documents

Telegraph article: online security
    a reader's questions and answers (from 2015!)

ageUK: internet security booklet (pdf)
    a self-help guide

ageUK: internet security
    and how to avoid a variety of scams

MoneySavingExpert: 25+ ways to stop scams
    very helpful advice

Gibson Research: How big is your haystack?
    is your password good enough?!

learnmyway: courses for going online
    making online learning easy

getsafeonline: online safety advice
    from a business-backed resource

Apple guides: iPadOS 17 overview

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